Mar. 30/2017

We’ve been off grid again for a few days. We left Big Majors anchorage at Staniel Cay and moved to Cambridge Cay again, that’s the one we named Kokomo.

Left Cambridge Cay Mar. 29 heading to Eleuthera Island still in the Bahamas. Crossed the 40 mi. crossing safely. Did some fishing along the way and caught a Mahi Mahi. Brian’s boat caught 3 . We had the restaurant prepare it for us. It was absolutely amazing the best fish dinner I have ever had. Rented a van today to tour the island. The following pictures are of the last couple of days.

Feeding the pigs at Big Majors anchorage near Staniel Cay

Model posing with the nurse sharks

Approaching Cape Eleuthera Marina in Eleuthera Bahamas
Very clean , beautiful Marina.


We have been off grid for the past few days.

We left Lobster Cay headed to Shroud Cay stayed there for a night then onto Cambridge Cay, stayed 2 days there. It was amazing. We are currently at Staniel Cay and will be staying here at least till Mon. High winds coming through for a couple of days.

Lots of beaches this one is on Shroud Cay
Took a dingy ride through the mangroves to a beach on the Atlantic side
The creek through the mangroves

Approaching the beach
The beach at the other end of the creek pretty isolated

Lots of very intimate private little beaches

Private Island Justin Truedeau spent Christmas here.
The beaches are very crowded down here.
We found KokomoğŸ˜Ž
Lots of coral on the beaches.

Took a pathway across the island to a beautiful beach on the other side
Barbecue on the beach
The pigs at Staniel Cay
Nurse sharks very gentle.
Dingy dock at Staniel Cay.
Neat little bar
Beach just off our anchorage at Staniel Cay

Mar. 20/2017

We left Highbourn Cay heading for Lobster Cay , it provides a little  more protection from N/E winds.  Took  a dingy ride to a small beach and found some conch shells.

Anchorage at Highbourn Cay looking at the mega yachts
On our way to Lobster Cay
Lots of beaches found some conch shells.

Mar 17 /2017

Stayed an extra day went to the straw market by the cruise ships

Crossed from Nassau today and we are in the Exumas. Little bumpy crossing over but only took us 3 hours. Anchoring in A bay for the night might stay here for a couple of days. Getting windy.

Went to the draw market located by the cruise ships.
A local cleaning and selling conch shells
No shortage of shell for sale
A local all dressed up
Island in the xumas
Nice beach
They were cleaning fish and throwing the scraps to the sharks

Mar 14/2017

We left Bimini heading for the Berry Islands on Mon about 115 miles, we were going to anchor out.  After looking at the forecast we decided to push on the additional 35 miles to Nassau.  Good job we did the next day was a lot bumpier .

Arrived in Nassau about 7  pm , anchored out in the Chanal for the night , then fuelled up to the next day and checked into Browns Marina.  Went out to a local restaurant for lunch and to sample some Bahamian food. The only white people on the whole block. We decided to stay over for another day and leave Thursday for the Exumas.

Browns Marina in Nassau
Docked in Nassau
Lots of boats.
A 4′ Tarpon swimming off the back of boat

Not fancy only white people on the whole block
Went out for lunch to a local restaurant. 

Mar. 12/2017

We are heading out for the Berry Islands this morning.  Fairly lengthy trip about 115 miles.

The Bimini cut.
A wreck along the rocky shore

Some ruins
Zoom in and you will see crabs. They scurry away fast.

Mar 11/2017

We had a very relaxing beach day. Looks like we may be staying in Bimini for a couple of days wind is picking up again.

Next crossing is to the Berry Islands it’s about 70 miles.

The beach at Alice Town Bimini

Janice & Judy looking for sea glass
Janice swimming
Judy and Brian love their sea glass
A local making coconut rum drinks on the beach

Mar. 10 /2017


Left Key Largo 07:00 heading for the Bahamas 🇧🇸  The crossing was pretty good although I picked up weeds on the prop a couple of times scary especially after the transmission issues we have had.

Arrived at Cat cay 14:00 then north to Bimini.  The following pictures are of our crossing and arrival in Bimini.  The water here is absolutely gorgeous.

Arrived in Bimini 14:00 hours trolled a bit . Brian caught a barracuda

Land Ho.
Cat Cay just 8 miles south of Bimini
The sign says it. Look how beautiful the water is
Tied up at Browns Marin

Still Browns Marina
Out door lounge and bar.


We left Marathon early fueled up, filled the water tank.  Heading north on the inside route to Key Largo to stage for a crossing on Fri. We probably should have went out side the water was very shallow at Low tide.  We have to traveled 75 mi to a anchorage called Steamboat Creek at Key Largo.  Leaving early tomorrow for the Bahamas.

Maria’s birthday
Our anchorage at Marathon
Inside route north to Key Largo. Skinny water
Narrow passageways

Nice Caribbean style restaurant

Anchorage at Little Steamboat Creek. Leaving for Bahamas next day
The cut from the inside at Key Largo to the Atlantic and the Gulf Stream 60 miles to Bimini

Mar 07/2017

We took a 2 hour bus ride to Key West today. Here are some pictures.

The group waiting for the bus. With the new additions Mike and Maria the one in Orange and Mike beside me on my left

The main drag in Key West
The most southern point in the US
The beach at Key West. Not very big

Sloppy Joes for lunch
At the famous warf in Key West

The Marina

A huge Banion tree

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