April 20/2017

The wind finally let up enough for us to attempt to go through Whale Passage. This was the only way to get to Green Turtle Cay and can be very dangerous with a strong NE wind. They get what is called a rage in the cut.

We finnaly made it to Leeward Marina in Green Turtle Cay. Stayed one night then moved onto a anchorage for one night then traveled 55 miles to Great Sale Cay. From there we traveled 60 miles to the West End to Stage our crossing to Fort Pierce tomorrow. The following pictures are from the last 4 days.

Life on the “Lee Side”
Nice Marina in Green Turtle Cay
Beach on the Atlantic side
Same beach

Tie your dingy to.
Anchorage on our way to Great Sale Cay.
Big star fish
Pool at Big Bahama Bay Marina at the West End

Leaving today for Fort Pierce an 80 mile crossing.

Author: relaxnow2com

Lee & Janice On an adventure to circumnavigate America's Great Loop. We will be starting on Aug. 16/2016 leaving from Kingston Ontario traveling through the Great Lakes and down the inland river system.