Feb. 03/2017

We finally arranged a fishing trip out into the gulf. Hired a charter Captain to take us out and show us a few spots.

Then went out for the evening to a club at the Marina dualing pianos and dancing.

Sun rise heading out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

One of the many groupers I caught.
Our catch for the day. From the bottom to the top. Porkies, Lane Snappers, Groupers and Red Snappers
Great picture of the sun reflecting on the water on our return back from fishing.
Captain Ron and his mate. Charter Captain we hired to take us fishing.
The four fisher persons
This fish sticks itself to a bigger fish and goes for a free ride.
If you zoom in on the fishes head you can see a suction membrane that he uses to stick himself to a bigger fish.

Night out on the resort dinner and entertainment (douling pianos) Brian and Judy
Jack and Judy B.
Tom and Cathy
Dancing up a storm