April 25/2017

Left Fort Pierce , said goodbye to our boat buddies and headed down the ICW to Indian Town to store the boat for the summer.

This will be the last post for this leg of our journey. This adventure has been absolutely amazing.

Marina at Fort Pierce
Tiki bar at Fort Pierce Marina
Amber Jack big and very fast.
The four girls saying goodbye
Fairwell to the boat buddies
Traveling south on the ICW to Indian town.

Traveling down the St Lucie canal to Indian Town

April 22/2017

We are now safely in FortPierce.  Bill who we met on the ferry ride to Man of War Cay drove us all to customs located at the airport.

We decided to stay an extra day in Fort Pierce and have a fair well dinner with our boat buddies.  We are leaving for Indian town tomorrow.

Our anchorage at Great Sale Cay

  • Nice restaurant
    Bill, met him and his wife Judy on the ferry

  • Fair well fish dinner Mai Mai caught by Jack on the way over from The Bahamas, delicious

April 20/2017

The wind finally let up enough for us to attempt to go through Whale Passage. This was the only way to get to Green Turtle Cay and can be very dangerous with a strong NE wind. They get what is called a rage in the cut.

We finnaly made it to Leeward Marina in Green Turtle Cay. Stayed one night then moved onto a anchorage for one night then traveled 55 miles to Great Sale Cay. From there we traveled 60 miles to the West End to Stage our crossing to Fort Pierce tomorrow. The following pictures are from the last 4 days.

Life on the “Lee Side”
Nice Marina in Green Turtle Cay
Beach on the Atlantic side
Same beach

Tie your dingy to.
Anchorage on our way to Great Sale Cay.
Big star fish
Pool at Big Bahama Bay Marina at the West End

Leaving today for Fort Pierce an 80 mile crossing.

April 16/2017

We have been in Marsh Harbor now since April 07. Windy as hell.

Got bored so we took a ferry over to Man of War Cay and toured around.

We are going to head north to Green Turtle Cay tomorrow, the wind has finally subsided.

Man of War Cay
These are everywhere
Touring the island

The ocean , pretty rough
Narrow at this point
Golf carts only
For sale
Resting, walked 8 miles

The following pictures are Marsh Harbor

Tom, giving a seminar on Cuba
Zoom in on the sign
Lots of sea turtles
Lots of conks

April 10/2017

We are currently at Mangoes Marina in Marsh Harbor on Great Abacos. Picked up supplies and had the boat washed, compounded and waxed. Just taking it easy for a few days and relaxing.

Mangoes Marina Marsh Harbor

Relaxing by the pool
Not big but refreshing
A trumpet flower bush
Another sunset picture

We are going to tour around Marsh Harbor today  I will take some pictures and post later.


April 07/2017

Left our anchorage at first light , wind shifted on us over night and it got a little bumpy.  Arrived at Marsh Harbor early and snuggled into our slip. We are going to stay here till the 12th, pictures are of Water Cay in Great Abacos Island.

Beach just off our anchorage at WaterCay
Pink sand
Went exploring in the dingy
Pretty isolated

Thats it for today. Pictures of Marsh Harbor will follow in the next couple of days.

April 06/2017

We left Hope town heading to Great Guana Cay only about 15 mi. trip. The island is pretty but expensive. We took a mooring ball , first time a little tricky grabbing the loop but finally got it. Toured the island went to a couple of restaurants.  We are crossing the Sea of  Abacos today going to anchor out tonight then head to Marsh Harbor.

Great Guana Cay

Walking accross the island to the Atlantic side
Beautiful beach
Nippers restaurant

Don’t touch this tree
Crabbers restaurant.
Very tropical nice place

April 04/2017

Crossed over to the Abacos safely anchored at Lynyard Cay the traveled on to Hope town on Elbow Cay today. Hope Town is a very pretty town.

  • Spanish Wells still in the Eleuthera
    The Harbor at Spanish Wells
    Our anchorage at Spanish Wells
    Sunrise at Anchorage in Spanish Wells

  • Hope Town Elbow Cat Abacos Bahama
    Hope Town Yacht club.

  • Pretty little town

April 02/2017

Left Hatchet Bay Harbor, arrived in Spanish Wells, at the north end of Eleuthera. We are leaving for the Abacos tomorrow, it’s a 50 mile crossing. Going to do some fishing as we cross, if weather permitting.

Hatchet Bay Harbor,anchored here for one night well protected
Ferry came here. Pretty close.

The cut to get into Hatchet Bay Harbor
Spanish Wells still in the Eleuthera
The Harbor at Spanish Wells

Mar 31/2017

Stayed a couple of days at Eleuthera Island. Rented a car and traveled around the island. Really wasn’t all that much to see much prettier from the water. Leaving tomorrow for an anchorage half way to Spanish wells.

Bell island going to climb it.
Jack and me mountain climbers
Ready to start the climb
At the top great view.
Blue hole 600 ft. deep

Lots of fish
Beautiful beach on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera
A resort same beach

Thats it for today. Traveling tomorrow 50 miles to Spanish Wells